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Vortex Blowers


WJ200 Series: 200 volt, 1 phase
Transportation factors have forced us to implement a freight surcharge due to the overwhelming increase in overseas freight costs. We will have to impose this surcharge on all shipments based on the shipping weight of the product. The surcharge is for variable frequency drives and is calculated at $1.50 per pound based on standardized packaged shipping weight. This surcharge will be added to your final billing and will not be shown on the initial order acknowledgment.
Model No Description List Price Qty Stock Status Specs
WJ200-002SF Inverter, 200 volt, 1 phase, 1/4 CT (1/2 VT) HP, 1.6 CT (1.9 VT) Amps 311.00
WJ200-004SF Inverter, 200 volt, 1 phase, 1/2 CT (3/4 VT) HP, 3.0 CT (3.5 VT) Amps 344.00
WJ200-007SF Inverter, 200 volt, 1 phase, 1 CT (1.5 VT) HP, 5.0 CT (6.0 VT) Amps 389.00
WJ200-015SF Inverter, 200 volt, 1 phase, 2 CT (3 VT) HP, 8.0 CT (9.6 VT) Amps 492.00
WJ200-022SF Inverter, 200 volt, 1 phase, 3 CT (4 VT) HP, 11.0 CT (12.0 VT) Amps 586.00
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