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Vortex Blowers


Accessories and Options: Braking Units and Accessories
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Model No Description List Price Qty Stock Status Specs
BRD-E3-30K Dynamic Braking Unit (230V Class) 995.00
BRD-E3-55K Dynamic Braking Unit (230V Class) 1310.00
BRD-EZ3-110K Dynamic Braking Unit (460V Class) 5250.00
BRD-EZ3-30K Dynamic Braking Unit (460V Class) 1025.00
BRD-EZ3-55K Dynamic Braking Unit (460V Class) 1440.00
HBU-4220 Dynamic Braking Unit (460V), 80 A continuous, 250 A peak 2325.00
HRB1 Braking Resistor (NEMA 1 Enclosed) 393.00
HRB2 Braking Resistor (NEMA 1 Enclosed) 450.00
HRB3 Braking Resistor (NEMA 1 Enclosed) 642.00
HRB4 Braking Resistor (NEMA 1 Enclosed) 606.00
HRB5 Braking Resistor (NEMA 1 Enclosed) 885.00
JRB120-1 Braking Resistor (Open Type) 125.00
JRB120-2 Braking Resistor (Open Type) 125.00
JRB120-3 Braking Resistor (Open Type) 125.00
JRB120-4 Braking Resistor (Open Type) 125.00
NSRB200-1 Braking Resistor (NEMA 1 Enclosed) 340.00
NSRB200-2 Braking Resistor (NEMA 1 Enclosed) 340.00
NSRB300-1 Braking Resistor (NEMA 1 Enclosed) 375.00
NSRB400-1 Braking Resistor (NEMA 1 Enclosed) 390.00
SRB200-1 Braking Resistor (Open Type) 215.00
SRB200-2 Braking Resistor (Open Type) 215.00
SRB300-1 Braking Resistor (Open Type) 280.00
SRB400-1 Braking Resistor (Open Type) 300.00
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